In conversation with Pierre Khodja, Executive chef of Pinchy’s Champagne and Oyster Bar, Melbourne

Cinnamon and spice

“I loved attending the last Executive Chefs Club. Stepping outside the kitchen at events like this and talking food with those who know it best reignite your inspiration.”

Born: Algiers. Favourite cheap eat: Supper Inn after work – along with the rest of Melbourne’s chefs. Advice to future young chefs: If you don’t love it, don’t do it. The food at Pinchy’s is … ? Clean, fresh, classic seafood with a twist. Early influences: My mother. I still cook her food today. She taught me how to make a lot from very little. Obsession ingredient: Too hard to pick one – so it is cinnamon and harissa. Favourite kitchen tool: My knives. Good knives are the most valuable tool in the kitchen. French food tip? ┬áSomething I learnt in my French training is that you always work tidy. Nothing good comes of a messy kitchen. What keeps you going? I truly love cooking and I want the younger generation to love it too; for the discipline, the hard work and the camaraderie.

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