In conversation with Kelly Jackson, Executive Chef of Crown Melbourne Resort

Crown rules

At Crown it’s the satisfaction of producing restaurant-quality food for large volumes consistently.

Born? Croydon, London, UK. Education? Completed Year 11 in Canberra and then started chef apprenticeship in London. Best kitchens worked? Burj Al Arab, unbelievable experience for four years. Favourite cheap eat? A good pizza. Advice to future young chefs? You have to be passionate about what you do or you will not survive and achieve your goals. What keeps you going? Gym and coffee. Favourite kitchen tool? Frypan, you can pretty much cook anything in it. Most useful cookbook? Jamie Oliver home cooked meals ( for my wife ). Early influences? When I worked with Jean Christophe Nouvelle in London. On classic vs modern cuisine? You cannot beat classical flavours with modern presentation. Favourite thing about Melbourne? Great job in a food cultured best city in the world. How can we keep attracting chefs into the foodworld? More TV cooking shows to show off our great industry. Obsession ingredient? Good olive oil. Purveyor tip? Best quality best price.

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