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Welcome To The Executive Chefs Club

These are the parameters of this club — There are no formal meetings, no badges, no subscriptions. What the members have in common is their absorbing interest in good food and cooking. It’s informative and engaging, but not too formal. You’ll find us frequenting kitchens for long lunches or dinners, often exotic and always something international. Swapping ideas and socialising this way is fun. You meet the most interesting chefs!

Our Mission

An informal Association of Executive chefs designed for interactive meetings with leading purveyors and producers. Our lunches are mainly conducted in Deluxe Five Star Hotels, Business Clubs, Boats and high volume HORECA food establishment venues. The attendees are; Guest speakers, Executive chefs of large Hotels, Corporate Restaurants, Contemporary Modern Dining Venues, Caterers, Purveyors and Producers.

What We're All About

Anyone involved in the food world and HORECA including; epicureans, restaurateurs, hoteliers, food and beverage managers, decision makers and purveyors supplying various sectors within the Australian gourmet market will enjoy being involved.

  • ECC is always hungry for sophisticated stories and timely angles and has dedicated top talent not only to the food beat, but also to wine, travel and restaurant reporting.
  • ECC brings chefs out of the kitchen and into the spotlight.
  • ECC probes behind the scenes to give interesting and useful insights.
  • ECC shakes up the market and gives voice to new ideas and thought practices.
  • ECC help food companies break through new markets and customers.
  • ECC focusses on premium products and food concepts.
  • ECC Organises educational get-togethers for industry professionals to meet, learn and network.

* Horeca is the sector of the food service industry that consists of establishments which prepare and serve food and beverages. The term is a syllabic abbreviation of the words Hotel/Restaurant/Catering.

The Next Event...

Our next meeting is at 400 Gradi, Crown Melbourne Resort on July 16th.