Above and beyond

Bo Sorensen

My father had so much of an influence on me. He was a successful businessman who managed and ran his own restaurants in Hong Kong and China.


In Hong Kong.


Finished A levels in Hong Kong, NVQ Diploma in professional cooking Westminster, London.

Best kitchens worked?

Every kitchen has taught me valuable lessons, new techniques and all had pros and cons, whether it’s the foundation of cookery in the Dorchester London or refining techniques from a 1 Star Michelin at the Green House or going above and beyond to satisfy guests at the Burj al Arab. All are special.

Favourite cheap eat?

Cheung Fun (Steamed rice noodles with hoi-sin, peanut, soya and roasted sesame. 

What keeps you going?

Never a dull day in the kitchen, tackling different problems, creating new and exciting dishes and creating trends.

Advice to future young chefs?

Let the chefs see your sweat, never your tears.

Favourite kitchen tool? 

My knives and my plating spoon.

Most useful cookbook?

Volt Ink.

Favourite thing about Sydney?

An amazing array of great ingredients for me to cook with.

On classic vs modern cuisine?

We need modern to push boundaries, but need the basics of classic techniques to make the best outcome.

How can we keep attracting chefs into the food world?

Being a good role model and making sure our teams are given the tools to grow.

Obsession ingredient?

Heirloom varieties, local and seasonal.

Purveyor tip?

They are my go-to people, who inform, teach and supply me with what’s best in season. Treat them as you want to be treated.