Elite chefs take brew on board

Australia and Michelin Star restaurants are lining up for their Nespresso as chefs including; Heston Blumenthal and Melbourne’s Shannon Bennett have turned to the delicious brand.

Food Companion International held an intimate lunch with some of Sydney’s top international chefs aboard the luxury 65 ft vessel MV Enigma, that brought together a collection of “passionate” individuals who appreciate the highest quality and delight in the ability of creating moments of pleasure as customers, whilst sailing around glorious Sydney Harbour”, said Renaud Tinel, general manager for Nespresso Oceania. The chefs in attendance sampled the variety of 8 Grand Cru coffees Nespresso offer including the Espressos range for the lovers of traditional coffee and the Lungos and Pure Origins for the more adventurous. Each capsule captures the premium coffee taste Australians have grown to love, thanks to the perfectly portioned capsule that delivers consistent taste with the push of a button. 

Just like our connoisseurs in the kitchen, the people at Nespresso are committed to delivering a culinary experience that delights their customers. The Executive Chefs Club assisted in facilitating a working collaboration to enhance the sensory experience, a relationship that is fundamentally based on quality, consistency and dining pleasures and it seems natural to collaborate wherever possible. In restaurants sales the company has delivered on the Gemini premium coffee machine that is tailor-made to the high standards and volume requirements of its business customers and its chefs.

Nespresso are experts at enhancing the dining experience, especially in Europe they have many Michelin Star rated restaurants lining up for their coffee, and it shows, chefs including; Heston Blumenthal, Juan Mari Arzak, Georges Blanc and Shannon Bennett are actively using and promoting the brand. Australians undeniably have a love affair with coffee. For most it’s a morning and afternoon necessity, for others it’s a rare treat and for a small few it remains a mere curiosity. Regardless, we are blessed with an ever increasing breadth of choice given the successful rise of coffee giants like Starbucks and Gloria Jeans, and the popularity of niche blends like Toby’s Estate - who offer an unrivalled premium range of coffee blends and products.  

Beyond bringing us the much admired or envied (depending on your sex) George Clooney, Nespresso has a suite of innovative offerings including high-tech machines, a selection of Grands Crus coffees and array of tailor-made services including; the simple insertion of the capsule into the machine is an important characteristic of the Nespresso machine worth enquiring about. “Australian coffee connoisseurs are now more interested than ever in coffee and the cafe experience – the barista, the sensory experience and the aromas,” said Tinel. “Our success is really testament to the sophisticated nature of coffee consumption within Australia, and Australian’s love of premium quality coffee.”