The joys of serving king crab

Tongues are already wagging, and the few that aren’t will be after they try it! 

Australians have a love affair with seafood and in particular crustaceans. The king of all crustaceans, crab forms part of most fine dining menus, whatever the cuisine. The delicate flavour of crab appeals to the gourmet palate, perfectly encompassing the flavours of the sea. 

Alaskan king crab – the king of shellfish reigns supreme with its unrivalled sweet flavour and tender texture, just ask Jenny Kantorovich of the Alaskan Crab Co. Very few of the chefs who attended the Executive Chef’s Club at the Park Hyatt in Sydney would disagree. Jenny and her father Peter’s lively demonstration substantiated the Alaskan king crab’s credentials, elevating it above the products chefs and Australian diners are familiar with. 

“Our product is cooked, cleaned, blast frozen and packed on the vessel as soon as it is caught. Diners therefore are enjoying the freshness of the crab at the source, but obviously without the rough seas,” said Peter of the Alaskan Crab Company, who’s been fishing in the Bering Sea for 20 years.

It’s a simple formula, done well by a collection of individuals who know the culinary industry just as well as their products. Following their 30 years in the local poultry processing industry, the Alaskan Crab Co capitalised on their offshore fishing expertise and local knowledge of the Australian market, delivering a product that most chefs would regard as unique. Buying crab for home or eating crab at a restaurant is generally dictated by market prices. Why? Because crab is expensive there’s no denying it. Consequently, chefs expect quality and consistency and restaurant goers expect every single bite to delight.

“The nature of the Alaskan king crab is somewhat different to the crab chefs might buy here in Australia.  They are a big animal, thus allowing us to pick the crab meat by hand, which would be too difficult with smaller local crab species. ”You won’t hear anyone complaining. Chefs can do away with the delicacy they associate with most shellfish, and the dent in their wallets. Seafood lovers meanwhile, get more bang for their buck. Everyone’s a winner.

The Alaskan Crab Co participated in the Executive Chefs Club as an opportunity to get valuable feedback from the careful collection of chefs in attendance, most of whom were existing clients.  Already active post sale, the small team remains eager to follow the journey of the crab from the icy waters of the Bering Sea to the dinner plate, becoming active members in the cooking process and ultimately the culinary experience.

“We’ve already had some great feedback. Not only were we able to showcase our product, the club provided the opportunity to directly engage with our most important clientele.”

The Alaskan Crab Co have armed a new army of ambassadors with a suite of knowledge on an exciting new seafood product that’s sure to keep our chef’s busy and their restaurant clientele happy.  Expect to see, hear and eat more of Australia’s newest King of Shellfish, the Alaskan king crab.