In conversation with Poh Ling Yeow from “For the Love of Cooking” The ultimate live event designed to appeal specifically for those who love to cook in Melbourne on November 29-1 December. 

 Born? Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia

What keeps you going? Art, food & nature and I love that in Australia, the way I cook reflects my migrant roots entangled with other migrant cultures.


Advice to future young chefs? Your work is NEVER done. Always strive for perfection, more knowledge and efficiency. You will never get bored.


Favorite kitchen tool? Whisk because it makes everything silky smooth.


On classic vs modern cuisine? Always go for classic because it’s steeped in culture and tradition. It’s important to remember where all the good ideas have come from and how they came to be through migration, geography, trade routes.


How can we keep attracting chefs into the food world? Inspiring children through school kitchen gardens to grow food and cook.